CMC202cr Polished Jet Black and Light Grey Granite

Headstone 18’’ X 24’’ X 3’’ Base 3’’ X 24’’ X 12’’ Slab 3’’ X 24’’ X 24’’

£ 1877

Polished jet black and light grey granite creates a beautiful piece with the detailed tree carving with the simple heart cut out slab.

The Prices Quoted For Our Memorials Includes the Following:

Unlimited lettering and fitting
Terrazzo Foundation
Concrete Foundation
10 Year Guarantee
Please note that as well as the inclusions above, many of our memorials include a flower container/vase. Bronzes may also be included where they are integral to the memorial.
Some more elaborate flower containers/vases, separate bronzes and photograph plaques may be extra to the quoted price.
Please check with a member of staff who will be pleased to help and advise you.
NB: Prices listed does not include VAT. This will be added to the price at the current VAT rate.